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Extreme Gaming Using S*A*T*R* Guns

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Battlefield Live South Tyneside provides exciting, team oriented combat games suitable
for anyone aged 7 years to 60 years young.  Battlefield Live is a new combat experience
that is taking the world be storm and is currently operating in more than 30 countries.  The
patented Battlefield Live guns are made by Battlefield Sports and are the result of years of
research and development and is based on infra-red light technology, which is totally safe
and is used by the Royal Marine Commandos for combat simulation training.  The
Battlefield Live guns fire an invisible infra-red beam up to 200 metres and come with great
realistic sound effects.
You can play Battlefield Live in all
weathers, all year round and even in the
snow.  At Battlefield Live we specialise in organising team building combat
activities that help promote your team building skills.  The Battlefield Live
team create combat missions that will
encourage corporate teams to achieve
realistic goals through team cooperation
and organisation.  Battlefield Live is a
combat experience that everyone can
enjoy on an equal playing field
whether you are a beginner or a
practiced combat game veteran.
Our organised Battlefield Live games
mirror military exercises.  We use the
very latest sophisticated replica gaming
guns to run mock missions in the woodland environment.  The Battlefield
Live gaming guns not only look authentic
but are similar in weight, size, sound and
muzzle flash but without the projectile.
Our combat missions challenge gamers
by offering objectives such as capture the
base, rescue hostages, protect VIPs and
other dramatic scenarios.  Battlefield
Live combat activites are perfect for
birthday parties, team building events,
school outings, stag and hen parties,
corporate events or just a great day out with your friends.
Booking is essential to avoid
disappointment.  Phone us on 0191
5372988/07966 401097 or email us on for further
Don't worry if you are not part of a group,
just give us a call and we can arrange for
you to join in as part of another team.