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Extreme Gaming Using S*A*T*R* Guns

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Questions and Answers
Q.     What Should I Wear?
 A.    We advise you to wear adequate footwear as you will be running around a forest and 
         comfortable clothing.  You will be provided with coveralls to protect youyr clothing during the 
Q.    Are There Any Age Restrictions?
A.   Battlefield Live South Tyneside is suitable for anyone able to carry the laser guns.  Minimum age
       we recommend is 6 years.
Q.   Is it Safe?
A.   Yes the guns use harmless infra-red technology.  The guns fire an invisible infra-red beam up to
       200 metres.
Q.   Does it Hurt When you Get Shot?
A.   No.  The biggest difference between Battlefield Live and paintballing is the weapons used.  As
       Battlefield Live guns do not fire projectiles there is no pain involved.
Q.    Is Everything Included in the Price?
A.    YES.  Once you pay your fee the equipment, clothing and ammunition are all included in the price.
Q.   Do you Need Safety Equipment?
A.   No, this is a non-projectile sport using harmless infra-red laser, so protective eye-wear is not 
Q.   What Do you Aim At?
A.   There is a sensor on the gun and the hat you wear.  Each time you are hit the guns will register it.